The Third Wheel

Character: Marilyn

Directed by: Jordan Brady

Written by: Jay Lacopo

Produced by: HSI Tomorrow Film, LivePlanet, & Pearl Street Productions

Cast Members: Luke Wilson, Ben Affleck, Denise Richards

Released date: May 31, 2002

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Duration: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

When Stanley met Diana, he hadn't been on a date in years. She was easily the most appealing woman he'd ever seen. For months now, he's been writing down the perfect way to ask her out, and imagining the perfect date. Much to his surprise, when he finally has the nerve to ask her out, she says yes. When the big night finally comes, everything that can go wrong on a date, does -- thanks to an uninvited stranger. What starts out as an annoyance turns into something that surprises them all.

Script developed by Never Enough Design