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15 Times Melissa McCarthy and Her Husband Ben Falcone Shared the Screen

September 10, 2021   No Comment   Articles, Ben Falcone

If you’ve seen Melissa McCarthy in a movie role, odds are you might have spotted her real life husband Ben Falcone alongside her too.

McCarthy seems to be a collaborative performer in general, after appearing alongside Octavia Spencer many times for over a decade. She’s also appeared in multiple movies and series with actor Bobby Cannavale.

No one can compare to her husband Ben Falcone, though; not only do they share a life together as husband and wife, they’ve also starred in over a dozen movie and television projects together.

Here’s a list of their joint work…

Before we dive into the full list, it’s worth noting a couple of occasions where the married couple have been part of the same project, but have not necessarily shared the screen.

McCarthy came to prominence as Sookie St. James in Gilmore Girls, but her husband also made a brief appearance as a lawyer in Season 3. They both stared in the short movie Chicken Party, alongside the likes of Octavia Spencer and Allison Janney. The pair also played themselves in multiple episodes of the TV Land comedy Nobodies.

1. Cook Off!
Falcone and McCarthy first made their big screen debut together in the mockumentary comedy Cook Off!.

McCarthy played an amateur chef hoping to win a national competition, while Falcone played her supportive but equally clueless-with-cooking husband.

2. The Nines
Melissa McCarthy played herself and various other characters in this perplexing 2007 movie. Ryan Reynolds leads and stars along with Hope Davis, and a very young Elle Fanning.

Falcone makes a cameo as McCarthy’s husband in the reality TV portion of the movie.

3. Pretty Ugly People
Missi Pyle is the star of this R-rated romcom while McCarthy plays her old college buddy Becky.

Falcone makes a brief appearance at the end as McCarthy’s character’s partner Coach Merryweather.

4. Bridesmaids
Perhaps the couple’s most iconic appearance on screen together, the image of them sat next to each other on a plane has stood the test of time.

McCarthy got an Oscar nomination for her role as the brash friend Megan. When she runs into Jon (Falcone) on a flight, sparks fly immediately as she’s determined to out him as an undercover air marshal.

Falcone revealed on Conan that he and his wife actually filmed a food-fueled sex scene for the movie that didn’t get used in the final cut.